Clean Your Closet, Clear Your To Do List, Create Space for Opportunity

Posted on May 27, 2013


clutter-woman-at-window-newspapersIs there a term for being the opposite of a hoarder? If there is, I’m that.

I love to de-clutter. Tidying the junk drawer, re-organize the home office, culling my wardrobe between seasons; these are all great ways to give my unconscious mind the time and space it needs to tackle a nagging task or find the solution to a problem I’ve been exhausting myself over. I find that as little as 20 minutes of puttering around tidying up and organizing the space I am in will help boost my efficiency for hours to come.

I heard once that you should try to keep one empty shelf somewhere in the house. The space is supposed to represent your availability to welcome new things be it experiences, people, opportunity etc. into your life. The act of removing the clutter of things your don’t’ use, are no longer working or simply there because they have no better place to be, is a metaphor for what is actually happening in your subconscious.

Just as we need to make room for an updated wardrobe, have counter space for cooking at home, or a neat and organized place to sit and be productive during our work day, we need to let go of the subconscious clutter that holds back our potential for becoming what we are supposed to be.

We need to get rid of all things that no longer bring purpose to our life or have a positive impact by being there. This includes unpacking the psychological baggage that we carry around that can weigh us down creating low lying fog, muddling our thoughts, affecting our motivation, intuition and ability to make decisions clearly and with self-confidence.

By ditching the clothes that don’t make you look and feel incredible, you might gain more than just extra space in your closet. You might find you’ve shed a layer of self doubt or uncertainty. 

Reorganizing the pantry might make more than your pots and pans more accessible. Your domestic proactivity might trigger other ways to increase your professional productivity. 

Way more flower vases than you ever receive flowers? Repurpose them into functional pieces and enjoy a boost in your overall creativity. 

Most importantly, these rather absent-minded activities are like little power boosters for your psyche. Give an issue that you’ve been struggling with to your unconscious mind to sort out. While it’s doing it’s thing, you benefit from an environment that sheds chaos and instills order, that let’s go of the pass and welcomes your future. And that empty shelf? Well, whatever is in store for you next, you’ve created plenty of space to welcome it into your life.