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Clean Your Closet, Clear Your To Do List, Create Space for Opportunity

May 27, 2013


Is there a term for being the opposite of a hoarder? If there is, I’m that. I love to de-clutter. Tidying the junk drawer, re-organize the home office, culling my wardrobe between seasons; these are all great ways to give my unconscious mind the time and space it needs to tackle a nagging task or […]

Rhythm. When It Moves You

April 24, 2011


Spring is here in Vancouver and yesterday I headed out for a 3+ hour training ride. I haven’t been out on my bike much lately, certainly not much by last years (Ironman training) standard. In fact, this 3 hour ride was quite daunting and I doubted that I was fit enough or ready for it. […]

Following Our Internal Compass

January 14, 2011


I was reminded recently of the necessity one needs to rely on the “internal compass” we all have. You know what that is, it’s what’s responsible for gut feelings and it’s what gives us courage to head into the unknown. Too often we ignore the internal compass and get caught up in expectations or social […]

With Small Actions Comes Great Reward

January 5, 2011


I’m a self-described city girl. I have always lived downtown or close to downtown on a main street in a vibrant area. I like the energy, diversity, culture and people watching that comes with a busy neighbourhood. I always found some form of motivation or inspiration in the changing scenery of my downtown corner coffee […]

After a nights’ rest…

July 23, 2010


There is one thing I’ve figured out… The only thing I can change now is my attitude. It’s going to be a great day.

Canada Day 4KM swim

July 3, 2010


Happy Birthday Canada! Lookin’ good for your age…. I celebrated Canada’s birthday with a 4 km open water swim out at Sasamat Lake. The idea was not to race, but to swim that distance (further than the Ironman swim distance) in open water, with other swimmers and in a competitive environment. My goals were simple. […]

It’s working

June 21, 2010


Patrick Sullivan, captain of Team Finn and father of Finn Sullivan who died in 2008 made a pledge at last years ride that in 2010 he would be back with his team (of then 12) and they would be 100 riders strong. This year, the pink jersey’s of Team Finn were 152 riders strong and […]