Is Perfection the Goal?

Posted on May 6, 2013


ThereIn a world where information is given to us in bite sized morsels of “Top 10 Ways To…” and “Five Things to Improve Your…”  we are focused on summarizing and optimizing the path to perfection. I mean, that’s the point right? To get all the information we can to make everything we do better, faster, stronger and more… perfect.

I’m guilty of this. I mean, I’ve chosen to build a career around my slight OCD to make things run smoothly with process and efficiency.

But in our professional quest for optimization, have we lost the ability to enjoy the personal process along the way? Have we become obsessed with making all things “right” that we can’t forgive ourselves when the process is blemished? Do we have to be miserable when we are still a “work in progress”?

At the risk of cliché, life is a journey. It’s not perfect, and making all the right choices, saying all the right things, and making all the right moves to get from A to B in the most flawless, systematic way possible is exhausting. Can we all agree to give ourselves a break now and then?

Recognize and enjoy where you are today. Acknowledge the process and enjoy being your rough around the edges, unfinished and imperfect self.