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The Best Journal You’ll Ever Keep

April 30, 2013


Have you heard of Oprah’s gratitude journal? Where every day she enters 5 things she’s grateful for that day? Well, this isn’t that, but it’s in the same vein. At the end of each day, take just a few minutes to reflect and ask yourself; What did I enjoy today the most? What would I […]

Todays 1lb Success

April 11, 2013


After six months of winter, diets that I thought hard about starting, an increasing dislike for wearing pants, and the same old frustration with that bastard scale not giving-in with a single notion of weakness or sign that it might move at all…. I have lost a pound. That’s right ONE POUND. How’d I do […]

Following Our Internal Compass

January 14, 2011


I was reminded recently of the necessity one needs to rely on the “internal compass” we all have. You know what that is, it’s what’s responsible for gut feelings and it’s what gives us courage to head into the unknown. Too often we ignore the internal compass and get caught up in expectations or social […]

Principles of Training

July 9, 2010


I’m here in Osoyoos preparing for the Desert Half Iron on Sunday. I came up on Wednesday morning planning to camp, train, rest and get acclimatized for the race. Thank goodness I came as early as I did. Wednesday just happened to be the first of a string of days where the mercury has continually […]

Canada Day 4KM swim

July 3, 2010


Happy Birthday Canada! Lookin’ good for your age…. I celebrated Canada’s birthday with a 4 km open water swim out at Sasamat Lake. The idea was not to race, but to swim that distance (further than the Ironman swim distance) in open water, with other swimmers and in a competitive environment. My goals were simple. […]

The Book of Awesome

June 8, 2010


What an amazing week. Following last weeks stellar training performances, I spent a bit of time crusin’ through a bunch of different blogs that I like to follow. Through one of these, I found a link to an inspiring post-race, race report from an obviously talented long course triathlete. Seeing as my theme of the […]

What makes you awesome?

May 31, 2010


So remember my post about celebrating successes? How I decided that I needed to get back to a place where every little achievement should be celebrated for the success that it is? People have shared their successes with me since then and I LOVE hearing them. From throwing punches in the air at the top […]