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Posted on January 28, 2011


Welcome. And thanks for checking out Go.Be Awesome, I’m glad you’re here. First, let me tell you a little about myself and this small piece of the blogosphere that I call home.

I subscribe to a few schools of thought when it comes to living an extraordinary and remarkable life, but the common thread between them all are this:

Being happy is a choice. Living an extraordinary life is a choice and a personal expression.

I believe that everything we experience in our lives, the good and the bad, are the results of choices that we make. When we make our own choices, question our beliefs, challenge the status quo, refuse to be average, and commit to living a meaningful and passionate life, that’s AWESOME.

So what do I write about?

  • Living a life with purpose and intent. How to not become a passenger in your own life and live a life you are proud of.
  • Challenging the status quo. Being a student in non-conformity and a non-traditionalist at heart, and trying to figure out what that all means.
  • Goal setting and limit breaking. Helping you realize what you are capable of when you acknowledge your fears and commit to getting what you deserve.
  • Defining your own success. How to not let the path of others distract you from your own. You decide what you want out of your life, it’s up to you when/how you get it.
  • Being your limitless self and celebrating everyday successes. How we often neglect to recognize the small successes we gain everyday towards achieving something awesome (whatever it is). We can some times get discouraged with how far we still need to go, that we forget to celebrate how far we’ve come.
  • Taking your dreams and your impossibilities seriously and turning “someday” into today.

These are a few of the topics I am passionate about. So please, take some time to browse around some recent posts to get a feel for it yourself. You might notice there are quite a few Ironman or triathlon related blogs in my archives. This is because my blogging experience was born out of my need to express and record my journey through becoming an Ironman in 2010.

Although I often draw from my Ironman experience and owe to it much of my awesomeness, Go.BeAwesome is by no means a triathlon or training blog. My journey to Ironman helped me gain the momentum to continue living an awesome life. I learned a lot about myself, my limits, my fear and my worthiness of my dreams, but Ironman was just the beginning.

My focus now, is to continue living an extraordinary life and encourage and inspire others to do the same. Go.BeAwesome is the soapbox on which I stand to share my message.

Your part in all of this

If you just want to stop by occasionally for a little Awesome update, that’s cool, but if you want to help me help you (thanks Jerry Maguire), here’s how you can share the love.

1. Commit to being Awesome. Or at least reading about it. Subscribe to Go.Be Awesome from the top right corner and you’ll get (at most) two new posts delivered to your inbox every week.

2. Participate. Share your stories, experiences or your opinion via the comments section below each posting.

While I write almost entirely about my experience exploring what it means to be Awesome, this is about you. It’s my mission to, first, convince you that you are Awesome, second, to give you some tools to go out and be Awesome. I truly believe that everyone (that means you), can have the life you dream of. Work, love, family, adventure, travel, it’s all within your reach and waiting for you to do something about it.

So what are you waiting for? Go. Be Awesome.



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