Building a Customary or Regular Course of Procedure

Posted on November 24, 2010


rou·tine: A regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative and constantly repeated formula resulting in a convenient or predictable response.

Even though the very definition of routine makes me incredibly uncomfortable, I know the benefits that come with this “unimaginative” and “habitual” daily act. I mentioned in my last post that having a reliable daily routine freed up brain space for inspiration and motivation to find their way into my psyche, making themselves welcome and doing their thing.

My daily routine includes activities such as nurturing my passion, defining (very specifically) what makes me happy, looking for new personal challenges and ways to realize my dreams. In doing so, I’m dedicating myself to finding meaningful work at something I will enjoy, bring a sense of fulfilment to my life and that I will ultimately be successful at.

As a part of my search for meaningful work and unconventional success, I continue to make routine part of my life so that inspiration has room to get warm and cozy in my once again busy brain.

Back to basics.

Read: Reading is one of my simple pleasures and I do it everyday. 

Write: I find writing to be a therapeutic exercise in creativity for me. It also allows me to do something with all the thought provoking reading I do.

Connect: Ensuring that I stay current within my industry, fuel self improvement and continuous technical development, I make sure to connect with people everyday. I read industry blogs, follow influencers in media, comment on articles, share stories and recommend best practices and around productivity, management and other areas of interest.

Sweat: Exercise is a must for keeping my mind and body healthy. I make sure to break a sweat everyday.

Having a routine, even a small one, helps me realize that my time is valuable and what I do with it really matters. Do you make the most of the time you have?

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